About Me - My Training, Qualifications and Ethos

I am a trained psychotherapist and am qualified to work on an individual basis, with couples and within a corporate setting. My academic training lasted for four years with compulsory personal analysis and supervision throughout.

I have continued to study, currently with my PHD, to expand my therapeutic tools and expertise, including CBT, to reflect the diverse situations/symptoms that my client may experience.

My training permits me to engage in a multi modal capacity that incorporates Jungian, Kleinian and Cognitive/Behavioural techniques, to offer a confidential and safe therapy in times of vulnerability.

Please feel free to contact me to arrange an appointment.

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Julia Fisher

My Clinics

My established clinic practices:

Full Professional Memberships

  • MBRCP British Register of Complementary Practitioners, Psychotherapy Division
  • MBRCP British Register of Complementary Practitioners, Healer Counsellor Division
  • MBACP British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • MSOPH Society of Psychology and Healing


  • Clinical Hypnotherapy Dec 2010
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Cert’ Soph 2007
  • MA Psychotherapy Middlesex University and Soph 2004
  • Myers-Briggs Step 2 Oxford 2004
  • Myers-Briggs Step 1 Oxford 2003
  • Full Membership British Register Complementary Practitioners 2004
  • Drug & Alcohol Counselling Diploma 2000
  • (TFH) Kinesiology Diploma 1998
  • Homeopathy Diploma 1995
  • Healing Certificate 1987

My Published Articles/Training Seminars

  • Dissertation: Feminine Individuation. The Wizard of Oz and Dorothy’s Dream.
  • Freud and Klein. 0 to 6 years.
  • The Case of Being Rash. ICM
  • Healing the Past. ICM
  • Dreams and the Healing Message. Prodromal
  • Anger, Guilt and Shame
  • The Art of saying ‘NO’ and feeling good
  • Tools for Life: Self Esteem
  • Tools for Life: Old and New Life Scripts, Your Choice
  • Tools for Life: Stress and Anxiety
  • Tools for Life: The Three F’s, Fight, Flee and Freeze
  • Controlling Anger