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Psychological walk down the Yellow Brick Road - Review

My popular one day workshop “A psychological walk down Yellow Brick Road” was recently reviewed by Lisa Bent at a sold out Covent Garden, for the deeperthantwitter website. Psychological walk down the Yellow Brick Road - Review.

The Alternative Way - An interview with Julia Fisher

A recent interview from the Self-Central website - The Alternative Way - an interview with Julia Fisher.

Monthly Astrology Column

I was asked by Beauty & The Dirt to provide a monthly Astrology column for 2015.

Read my Beauty & The Dirt monthly astrology column for February.


“Julia is one of the most astute people I've ever met. She is intuitive, friendly, accomplished and the very best therapist I've ever used. Through her help, my relationship has been transformed; she has improved my self-confidence and helps me deal with issues that have had a negative effect on me since childhood. I've recommended several people to her and she has worked her magic on them too. If you've never had therapy, you'll love her, she's easy to talk to and gets to the heart of your issues. If you've had therapy and found you were disappointed, please try her, my brother in law felt like this and he's now had several sessions with her, she's helped him deal with a severe alcohol problem and really helped him tackle some of the long term issues that were making him drink. She's fantastic - try her, you won't be disappointed”.
- Katherine Mew, Katherine Mew Clinic
“Julia is powerful. Working through a maze of past, present and future, Julia uncovers the silent consciousness of true essence by taking the individual through an inner journey back to self. The formation of character, the cycles of self sabotage, the chemistry behind making one's dream happen are encompassed in the story of Dorothy’s journey down the yellow brick road. Julia's technique is personal, sensitive and deep - creating a safe space for dialogue amongst the participants, who share their own vulnerabilities. She prods, engages, listens and challenges participants to step out and realise their own power... that time has arrived”.
- Amira Elmissiry
“Thanks for a wonderful day. Very Inciteful. Keen to do one on Astrology in the future”.
- Sue
“To stop learning about oneself and ourselves in relation to the people and the world around us, means we stop growing. The desire to evolve is within us all, but can become repressed by inhibitions and conforming. Julia Fisher’s workshop “Psychological walk down your yellow brick road” was a highly insightful psychological walk down our own individual yellow brick roads. It highlighted some essential tools to allow us the capacity to tap into our inner self and gain a greater understanding of our actions and reactions. In essence the workshop was a start of my journey towards individuation. This is a lifelong and fascinating journey”.
- Katie Rackley
“Thank you so much for the day. I’m still taking it all in! Its amazing how you have put all your knowledge into the Psychological Road… I really feel as though that's why it was made into a film”.
- Lisa
“Julia’s workshop day provides an opportunity to take an insightful journey into the self. It is a voyage that facilitates self acknowledgement and understanding”.
- Deborah Hamilton
“Thank you so much for all your help last year. I'm sure I wouldn't have managed the transition to Singapore life without your help”.
- Fiona
“This is a powerful workshop, it harnesses the power of story telling to facilitate self-understanding and to heal. I recommend it to anyone who loves stories, or who simply would like to live a more examined life”.
- Yvette Young