Workshops - My Psychological walk down The Yellow Brick Road

Using Jungian theories and my dissertation subject of Dorothy’s Dream l will help you to discover and explore your Heart, your Brain and your Courage while learning to recognise The Trickster, The Wizard and The Humbug that can under-mind and sabotage you en route.

I will help your Shadow, your Witch, who isn’t really that bad… just a little misunderstood… and signpost that your Instinct, Toto, is never in need of recognition or validation but is a constant truth that escorts you safely back to your inner Self, your Emerald City and Home.

A review of my workshop Psychological walk down the Yellow Brick Road by Lisa Bent.

The Language of Astrology

I have studied symbol and myth for twenty-five years and this workshop explores the individual chart, synchronicity and the language of astrology

The Jungian Journey through the Tarot

A Jungian take on symbol and Synchronicity by journeying through the cards

Dreams and the Healing messages (Jung and Freud)

  • What are you dreaming?
  • How can your dreams be heard and understood?
  • Dream re-entry and Amplification?

The Prodromal Dream and Your Health

  • What can your dreams reveal about your unconscious health?
  • What unknown complexes wish to be explored?
  • How can you unlock the enigmas of your dream material?

The Conscious Body (Persona and Identity)

  • What do you want the world to see you as TODAY?
  • What is hindering this expression?
  • Why not have fun with your identity and expression?